06(1)(am) DMV inquiry.

50 validation decal fee and a $10 title fee.

PAGE # RS-46-03. What's new.


Michigan Titling M923A2.

Once you pay your fee, the IRP office will process your application. Traveler and Weather Information. Additional fees apply depending on the plate type, personalization, and optional Recreation Passport.

Permanent Trailer Plate: $87 : Trailers with an empty weight more than 2500 lbs.

. Plate transfer fees will vary between $10 and $15 based on the registration fee for the vehicle receiving the plate; additional fees due if replacing or renewing the plate at the. 50 validation decal fee and a $10 title fee.




There is also a $2. g.

information. Noncommercial trailers with a declared gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 10,000 lbs or less (one-time $125 registration fee.

Note that some license plates may come with registration fee exemptions.

The license plate fees below DO NOT include other fees that you may have to pay (e.

The GCWR is listed on the tractor’s VIN plate.

Public Act 174 of 2015 amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to raise the following vehicle registration fees by 20% effective January 1, 2017: Ad valorem fees. 50 annual (operation date before 10/1/2019) Fee $50 annual (operation date 10/1/2019 or later) Use chart for proration Number of plates One Plates remain with Vehicle: Plate color: Black on white graphic Statutory reference s. The GCWR is listed on the tractor’s VIN plate.

. old; $10. Double plates $6. . The registration tax for most large trucks – trucks in excess of 8,000 lbs.

• Multiply fee times Michigan multiplier to determine fee due Example: Number of months.

$18 for 3 tons or less to $810 for 36 tons. Minnesota.

The Michigan Secretary of State has for many years issued specialized themed vanity license plates, e.



$30 for motorhomes over 4,500 pounds.