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Translator svt-verse. 45-0. 000 litros de agua al día.

@pledis_17. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

"1st Look released the b-cuts due to the positive response and YouTube content will be released soon!" (trans by Wonpilates) 104.


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Chainlink $6. 😅 @pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴.

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Seventeen Weverse Indonesia. . This is a subreddit dedicated to the Pledis boy group Seventeen! All things music, variety, promo, etc.

i know its not weverse but this is so funny and ive been trying to find the translation since forever and i finally did. Hello. “@sunfloncho T di mbti itu maksudnya think, jadi orang-orang yang punya T di mbti mereka adalah orang-orang yang lebih condong memakai logika/pikiran. . 11 Following.

Prior to opening day, a map of the exhibit was uploaded to SEVENTEEN’s Weverse and Twitter platforms outlining its five zones, including a timeline wall, message board and photo booth.

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sedangkan untuk F artinya feel/perasaan jadi orang-orang dengan F artinya orang-orang yg melakukan apapun memakai perasaan (lebih perasa) 😊”.

@weverseshop · May 22, 2022 #세븐틴 과 캐럿의 '7th 0526 💎 '을 기념하는 #SEVENTEEN 7th Anniversary 공식 상품 예약 판매 7년간 함께한 모든.

😅 @pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴.

😅 @pledis_17.