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View and Download AEG FAVORIT 54861 user manual online.

3. Unscrew them.

Filters blocked.

When the appliance doesn’t drain the water, this could be due to a kink or bend in the drain hose.

Take out and clean the filters. Expert: eHow UK Filmmaker: Agustin Mariano Rolando Series Description: In this series you will. When connecting the drain hose to an under sink trap spigot, the entire plastic membrane (A) must be removed.


The connection of the water drain hose is not correct. . Check your dishwasher filter and sump are clean.

. Refer to the illustration.

• Make sure that the filter in the outlet hose is not clogged.


. Make sure that the connection is correct.

aeg. .

If so, take it out and gently clean it with detergent.

Refer to the illustration.

Check the disposer inlet or pipe where the dishwasher drain hose.

. To maintain the performance of your appliance, use cleaning products designed specifically for dishwashers at least once every two months. It may be a closed spigot under the sink so its wont drain.

Check hose installation. . Ensure that the drain hose has been installed correctly (see image below): 1. The water drain hose is damaged. 73.


. Malfunction Possible cause Remedy.

The programme indicator for the selected wash programme is flashing.

To get at this you need to take off the inspection cover at the bottom on the front.

Put the drain hose in the spigot and tighten it.

But if the reading checks out, inspect the valve for food debris or sediment.

When grease and other waste accumulates over time at some point in the line, such as at some.