In 2023, a Premium plan costs $168 per year (billed annually), which works out at.

88 per year.

I also have a link to give 2 months free if you want to try it out for longer without any risks. 88 per year.

Skillshare for Teams has a single plan: Starter at $99.


00 per user per month. Free Trial. 00/Month (Cost of 2 Pizzas) Yearly Plan — $2/Month which is billed at $24/Year (Cost of 4 Pizzas) Skillshare Billing Plan.


However, this is no. Anyone can take an online class, watch video lessons, create projects, and even teach a class themselves. 99 per month) with a one-month free trial, or a rolling monthly subscription for $29.

For those that haven't, perhaps it's something to bookmark for future reference when the corona mayhem is behind us. Submit.

There are two plans in paid membership: Basic and Premium; the Basic plan costs $15 per month or $99 per year and provides access to 27,000 classes.

And with a free two-month trial available, it gives students.

Let’s begin with what’s often the most important factorprice! Pricing. .

With the number of courses on Skillshare (35,000+), we want to ensure a hyper-personalized experience for each user to help surface and recommend relevant courses that are in line with their learning interests and goals so our seats cannot be rotated. Unlimited access to 22,000+ classes.

A personalized experience for each user.

If we do the maths, it is ideal to go with the Yearly Plan because ultimately, you will be saving $72! Also Read: Is Skillshare Worth it? Price, Honest Review 2021 & Features.

75 per month.

00 per user per month. comments ; Report. Used to the likes of Netflix, the option to pay $15 per month for an unlimited number of courses and classes appeals to many.

PCMag. $159 USD per user, per year. . . LinkedIn Learning costs $29.

It allows users to stream high-quality and exclusive content on-demand.

Bundle Offer. Can I pay monthly for a Teams plan? No.

$99 Only.

The Skillshare price per month ends up being cheaper if you pay annually: Annual: $99 upfront for an entire year (works out to $8.

It's the best plan to get it.

but only if you purchase a monthly subscription.

0 per user per month.