2)Click on the icon in the browser’s toolbar.

Step 2: Extract Data Table from Navigator Window.

Select Data > Get & Transform > From Web. Improve this answer.

Tick Custom XML Data.


If you want to follow along, you can use the. The following connections failed to refresh. .

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. The outbound synchronization rules move data from MV to CS. You can also select Get data in the Power Query ribbon, or select Get data from another source.

Step 4: Refresh Data Within Fixed Time Limit. .


Now, switch to the Data toolbar.

Share. Check refresh status.

Currently, the data refresh operation in Excel Online doesn't support external users of a tenant. Sep 4, 2020.

Step 3: Paste your URL into the ‘From Web’ dialog box then click OK: Step 4: At the ‘Navigator’ dialog (image below), the left-hand pane.
In From Web, enter the URL of the Web page from which you'd like to extract data.


It returns me the below.

Double-click the message, "Retrieving Data" on the status bar. . .

Step 3: In the group titled Get & Transform Data, select From Web. If you choose either of these selections, select the File category, and then. 5). Let try another step, in Excel, please go to: File > Info > Check for Issues > Inspect Document. First, open Excel and create a blank worksheet. The inbound synchronization rules bring in data from CS to MV.

In Power Query, select Import from Excel.

How to Edit Extracted Data Table in Excel. .



Select Data > Refresh All.

Double-click the message on the status bar.

May 23, 2023 · To connect to an Excel workbook in a dataflow: From your workspace, select New > Dataflow Gen2 (Preview) to create a new dataflow.