The "Ethereum Mainnet(ETH)" dropdown menu will be displayed in the upper-right corner.

This new gold rush contains the value discovery of thousands of tokens and NFTs on PulseChain. .


Alternatively, you can manage GALAv2 with MetaMask, here are the steps to follow: Connect your Ledger device to Metamask.

1. . Bridged HEX from Ethereum on PulseChain.

The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data.

. Copy the contract address from above into the Token contract address field and click Add custom token, then confirm again on the next window. Follow this tutorial to connect your Ledger to Metamask.

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Please refer to the video tutorial below on how to do this.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can get set up with the MetaMask wallet, one of the most popular wallets for interacting with Ethereum.

How to claim $PLS airdrop 1. Search for Ethereum (ETH) in the app catalog.

Get the contract address of the token and. How to claim $PLS airdrop 1.

How to add MEMO to Metamask.
You need to go into MetaMask- import tokens at the bottom, copy and paste this contract address from the official @psyopeth page, and boom.

If the tx is “pending” you will have to wait until the tx is complete.


Then click on View Account to see and copy your address. . How to add ETH token address in MetaMask? There are two methods to add ETH token address in MetaMask.

Sign airdrop transaction 4. Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer. Follow this tutorial to connect MetaMask to PulseChain network with ChainList. Right now, you can see two GALA ERC20 tokens in Ledger Live: GALAv2 - the. Go to Networks and click on the “Add a Network” button in the upper right corner. 0, with MetaMask, you are always.

May 17, 2023 · The Gala team has executed an airdrop of the newly minted GALAv2 tokens to the Ethereum (ETH) accounts of all GALA token holders.

Easy to use Your MetaMask wallet just works, you only have to change a single setting to access PulseChain. 1.


Click the Install button of the app.


If you always wanted to be a whale in a certain ERC20 or NFT, maybe now you can be.

Follow this tutorial to connect MetaMask to PulseChain network with ChainList.