D2790 crown – full cast high noble metal.

. 73: D2792 crown full cast noble metal:.

For Metlife in my area, the fee for the a high noble gold crown is usually in the $870 range.

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Understanding D2740 Dental Code, Dental. Best Answer. What dental code is D2790? D2790 is the dental code for a crown/cap on a tooth.

May 12, 2022 · This list of procedure codes is for reference only and may not be all inclusive.

D2390 dental code definition is the dental procedure for Resin – Based Composite Crown, Anterior. 44 521. M.

D4212 Dental Code. .

CDT (dental or "D") codes and related material are available.


The code is officially known as “crown – full cast high noble metal. the first one is all metal crown, while the second one is most likely a gold crown.

15 443. D4268 Dental Code.

Of that 60%, at least 40% of that percentage needs to be gold in order to earn this distinction from the American Dental Association.



. Many complaints concerning the denial of core buildups were brought to the attention of the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs. .

D2791 crown – full cast predominantly base metal. . Noble metals are known to interact with. . high content of precious metal).

A full porcelain crown is in the $940 range.

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D2933 Dental Code.

D2790, D2791, D2792, D2794 Cap (crown) or partial crown called an inlay or onlay - made of.

A crown is the portion of your tooth that extends above the gumline.