The power to have the potential to mimic powers.


Peter first power mimicry came from his natural born ability which was based on Empathy. .

Bubbles Utonium better known as Bubbles is one of the three titular protagonists (alongside Blossom and Buttercup) of The Powerpuff Girls 1998 Cartoon Network TV Series as well as being as one of the three titular main protagonists of The Powerpuff Girls Movie.

Being able to travel across the world.

Energy Emulation: scan and mimic the differing energy signatures spread across the ergokinetic spectrum. . Most visited articles.


Diminished Power Replication: copy the powers and abilities of others but at a weaker level. Flight has many advantages, and very few disadvantages. Flight has many advantages, and very few disadvantages.

. Heroes and villains with Power Mimicry.

The Marvel Comics Universe features many characters with useless powers, such as Hindsight Lad's Hindsight and Glob Herman's Living Wax.


Power Mimicry. .

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Past Life Power Mimicry [[File:|250px]] ' Summary Ability To: Psychically imitate the superhuman powers of one's past incarnations Element/Association.
Possibly the most powerful superhuman ability is Power Mimicry, which is the ability to copy and use the powers of other superhumans.


The power of flight is one of the best superpowers a hero or villain can have, and is often shown in some of the most powerful DC Comics characters.

. And we are led to Peter Petrelli. .

There are the obvious ones like invisibility, flying, teleportation and super strength. Let the glory belong to me, not to you, you insects and dust. Combination of Blood Manipulation and Nanite Manipulation. Power mimicry or absorption Rogu Ability to copy or absorb another's powers or skills. Power Mimicry.


Characters with (or items that grants their wielders) the power to temporarily or permanently copy superpowers of others (not. .

One with this ability can psychically alter their appearance to emulate the physical abilities and features of others, at will.


Shapeshifting does exactly what it sounds like it does.


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