May 24, 2022 · Father!Darius & Child!Reader.

You had fallen asleep at your desk. SFW/NSFW: SFW.

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You had fallen asleep at your desk. . Fanfiction Romance Golden Guard X Reader Friends To Lovers Idiots In Love.

Part 3 of The Shame That You Don't Feel.

You had fallen asleep at your desk. Darius and Amity are fashion Buddies. .

Dariuses hand carefully held yours on one of his many decorative purple pillows, for once not wearing his signature silk gloves. .


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“Knew you’d fall asleep you worried dummy. the owl house Eda x reader.

. Darius is clearly tired after a long day of working and is a little goopy.

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hi there! can you maybe do a parental darius x adopted reader fic where the reader has a nightmare & darius comforts them? your last parental darius fic was so good, I had to. Warnings: Insecurities, discouragement. Discover more posts about toh darius, darius toh, alador x darius, toh alador, dalador, alador blight, and the owl house darius.

. Due to an accident, young Darius and his mentor end up in the future. . 3rd. ”.


Alador x Darius story by owl house, written by me. Pronouns for Y/N: They/Them.

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All his problems had seemed to vanish in a short amount of time.



(Y/n) (L/n) is Luz's best friend next door since childhood.